What is the Newton International School Parents / Teachers Association?

The Parent / Teacher Association or PTA is an association made up of both parents and teachers of Newton International School. The association is lead by a Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson that are both parents of the school and are supported by a Secretary, and committee members.

What are the aims of the PTA?

The main objectives of the PTA are to develop effective relationships between staff, parents, and others associated with the school. In addition the PTA will engage in activities or provide facilities or equipment that will support the school and advance the education of the students.

What are the current priorities of the PTA?

The main focus of the PTA is to provide a forum where concerns, suggestions can be identified and discussed with the aim to achieve a successful educational outcome for all the students at the school.

How can I get involved?

All suggestions and help are always welcome and needed. We appreciate that all our parents have the demands of their own professions and family but often a simple phone call or manning a station for half an hour can make the difference. If you are interested to volunteer some time please make contact with one of the PTA members.