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TNG Leadership Programme

The Next Generation School, Doha, held their annual video competition on March 27th where students were invited from all around Doha to participate in a competition based on a certain theme. This year’s theme was titled ‘Our World’ where students work in small groups of 4 or 5 which involved a collaborative effort, creativity and imagination portraying their perspectives and ideas about ‘Our World’. Moreover, students were encouraged to use simple devices to film and incorporate music, poetry and narration into their videos to convey their thoughts.

Four girls from Year 7 Red, Amayum Khalid, Hoorya Zar Gul, Kanzah Khan and Maizah Ahmed, came together and put their ideas together to create a video based on the “Dangers of Social Media”. The four girls produced a very honest, insightful and also enjoyable video about the influence that social media plays in the lives of young teenagers. Through a News Report role play the four girls conveyed an important message about staying safe online when using social media and expressing the negative but also positive effects that it can have on ‘Our World’. Using the iPads, the green screen and the simple video editing app iMovie the girls produced a winning video coming third place in the year 7 competition against some very talented schools and students from all around Doha! Well done girls and great work!